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This book is useful for Competitive exams like CSIR UGC NET, GATE, NBHM, TIFR , IIT-JAM and other exams with similar syllabus for higher Mathematics.


12 reviews for LINEAR ALGEBRA

  1. amar deep

    very nice book i think

  2. amar deep

    perfect book i think

  3. Chandan roy


  4. disha

    very good book

  5. akhil

    very good for practice

  6. Ankit

    very nice book with so many solved previous year ques

  7. Anchal

    perfect book for preparing competitive exams especially CSIR NET

  8. shwati verma

    enough excersice to solve.

  9. Sonu Kumar

    Excellent book for csir in minimum time

  10. Deepak


  11. mlskumar1995

    Very nice

  12. sunilkyadav2294

    A very concrete book for linear algebra

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